About the Second Life Education Community Conference 2008

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Wainbrave Bernal, Ann Enigma, and Fleep Tuque
planning for SLEDcc 08 in Second Life.

The core purpose of the Second Life Education Community Conference is to celebrate and share our learning experiences as educators in the virtual world of Second Life. We hope to offer an engaging program with many opportunities for learning, networking with each other, and exploring the innovative and creative ways Second Life is being used in education. From teaching and learning, to research, to building partnerships and collaborative projects across institutions, the educational community in Second Life is truly pushing the limits of what is possible with today's technology.

SLEDcc takes place as a part of and in conjunction with the Official Second Life Community Convention (SLCC) because we believe that the results of our attempts to create meaningful learning experiences should be shared with the greater Second Life community, and we hope that educators and participants at SLEDcc in Tampa will find many opportunities to network and share ideas with colleagues and friends in other tracks at SLCC as well.

We also see Second Life as one technology that exists within a rapidly growing ecosystem of online, shared digital spaces, where individual people can pursue an infinite variety of learning experiences that may be within an institutional context, but may just as well be self-directed and driven by personal interest and good old fashioned human curiosity. To facilitate the sharing of resources, findings, and results of SLEDcc with the broadest possible audience on the web, a number of social media technologies will be integrated into the SLEDcc program. We have partnered with GlobalKids and the RezEd community to provide a web-based space for discussion and resource sharing as we approach the conference, and we encourage you to join our group there at http://www.rezed.org/group /sledcc2008. We also ask that you tag any pages, images, media, or other web-based materials related to SLEDcc with the "sledcc08" tag for better searching and indexing. See the SLEDcc Social Media page for more details about specific sites and platforms that you can participate in before, during, and after the conference.

Finally, we encourage anyone interested in the educational potential of virtual worlds to participate in SLEDcc. The program in Tampa will attempt to leverage the kind of rapid information exchange that can best be done face-to-face, while the Second Life activities will showcase the best in-world content the educational community has to offer. In addition to the exciting program we have planned for September, educators can also participate in "The Sleddies" Competition that will begin on June 15th (be sure to vote in August!) to help recognize the accomplishments of our peers, all culminating in a first of its kind award ceremony to be held simultaneously in both worlds in September.

Please join us for what promises to be an exciting Second Life Education Community Conference, and we look forward to meeting you in Second Life or in Tampa in the fall!


Chris Collins (SL: Fleep Tuque)
Jennifer Ragan-Fore (SL: Kittygloom Cassady)
Jonathon Richter (SL: Wainbrave Bernal)

Co-Chairs, Second Life Education Community Conference 2008
Member of the Second Life Community Convention 2008