SLEDcc 2008 Conference Planning Team

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Chris Collins (SL: Fleep Tuque), University of Cincinnati
Co-Chair, Communications, Workshop Track, Volunteer Coordination
Jennifer Ragan-Fore (SL: Kittygloom Cassidy), ISTE
Co-Chair, In-World SLEDcc Activities
Jonathon Richter (SL: Wainbrave Bernal), University of Oregon
Co-Chair, Liaison to Future United, Sponsorship & Funding, Academic Program

Strand Committees & Proposal Reviewers

Note: Strand committee members/chairs assisted with reviews in all strands to balance the workload. We are grateful for the assistance of our reviewers!

Red: Games & Simulations
Jeremy Koester (SL: Jeremy Braver), Committee Chair
  • Chris Haskell (SL: Dalai Haskell), Boise State University

Orange: Mixed Reality Learning
Chris Collins (SL: Fleep Tuque), Committee Chair
  • Kae Novak (SL: Kavon Zenovka), Front Range Community College
  • Wendy Eisner (SL: Leslie Forager), University of Cincinnati
  • Linda Woods, AT&T Education Advocate
  • Daniela Reiman, University of Education Freiburg

Yellow: Theory, Research, & Practice
Sarah Robbins (SL: Intellagirl Tully), Committee Chair

Green: International, Diverse, and Special Populations
Eloise Pasteur (SL: Eloise Pasteur), Committee Chair

Blue: Projects & Events
Denise Cote (SL: Pipsqueak Fiddlesticks), College of DuPage, Committee Chair
  • Beth Kraemer (SL: Alice Burgess), University of Kentucky
  • Geoff Cain (SL: Dante Arbusto)
  • Robert Walker (SL: Daughss Decosta), Labette Community College
  • Larry Dugan (SL: Marcius Dowding)

Purple: Tools & Products
Daniel Livingstone (SL: Buddy Sprocket), University of Paisley, Committee Chair
  • Alan Levine (SL: CDB Barkley), New Media Consortium
  • Nick Noakes (SL: Corwin Carillon), University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong

Tampa Volunteers

Central Planning Team

Volunteer Coordination & Recruitment
Doreen Pugh (SL: Veritas Variscan)

Sponsorship Coordination
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Social Events Coordinator
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Main Program Team

SLED Sparks Coordinator
Paula Christopher (SL: Downtown Bloch), Georgia State University

Workshop Coordinator
Gwenette Sinclair (SL: Gwenette Writer), University of Hawaii

Speed Mentoring Coordinator
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Communications Team

Web Communications Coordinator

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Live Blogger
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Live Twitterer
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Greeting & Traffic Flow Team

Greeting & Traffic Flow Coordinator
Ilene Frank (SL: Ilene Pratt), University of South Florida

Tech Troubleshooters Team

Cross World Coordinators (in Tampa)

SLEDcc Stagehands

SLEDcc Tech Troubleshooters

In World Volunteers

Meredith Wesolowski (SL: Meredith Snookums), University of Delaware
In-World Photographer