Friday, September 5: SLEDcc In World Updates, Streaming Archives, and New Game Plan

The Second Life Education Community Conference (SLEDcc) kicked off today -- both in-world and in Tampa, FL. What a terrific lineup of content! We hope you’ll join us during the rest of the weekend.

If you participated in world, you may have noticed that SL experienced some hiccups today, as we struggled with teleport issues, sims crashing, an inability to get our streams working in world, difficulty logging in, etc. Thanks for bearing with us as we tried to work through the issues, and thanks to the Lindens and the Concierge team for their problem-solving help.

And a BIG thank you out to our volunteers, planning team, and presenters, who all rolled with the punches and were infinitely creative in problem-solving.
Because of the issues we experienced today, we have a different game plan for the rest of the weekend.

Rather than trying to stream in world, we’re going to continue to live stream and archive to the web. To visit the archives and to watch live videos from Tampa, please point your browser to (This is the channel for any video content being streamed throughout the weekend.) We know that part of the fun of being at a conference is experiencing it together, so the ISTE Island Bandshell will be set aside for the community to gather during the live streamed sessions.

Because we’re not sure if Second Life will be stable throughout the rest of the weekend, we’re going to try to be as flexible as possible and if we need to juggle spaces, we will do so. I’ve set up a special page on the wiki for updates:
Please check the page regularly (or subscribe to the RSS feed). This page also includes the live stream feed, so it’s a good page to bookmark.

For those unable to attend today, we have made the archives of several of the presentations available to you. Please follow the links below to access the individual presentations:

Opening Session: Education in Second Life
Presenters: Claudia and Pathfinder Linden

Social Research Ethics for Virtual Worlds
Presenter: Jeff Stanton/ SL: Adam Afarensis

Keynote: Explicit Bargains: Setting Realistic (Yet Powerful) Expectations for Teaching in Virtual Worlds
Presenter: Sarah Robbins/ SL: Intellagirl Tulley

Virtualized Astronomical Learning Project (VAL): Implementation of Complex Educational Mixed Reality
Presenter: Amanda Levin/ SL: medu3a Barbosa

Thanks to Veodia for providing the streaming package, and to Scott Merrick for taking the lead on recording and managing the video process!

We have a great program scheduled for the rest of the weekend, both in world and in Tampa. Visit our wiki at [[|]] for a complete schedule, info about how to find all the conference-related social media, and up-to-date information about the conference events.

See you in-world!

Jennifer Ragan-Fore/ SL: Kittygloom Cassady, SLEDcc Co-Chair
On behalf of all the SLEDcc Co-Chairs,
Jonathon Richter/ SL: Wainbrave Bernal
Chris Collins/ SL: Fleep Tuque