The Sleddies Evaluation Page

Thank you for helping evaluate this year's dry run of The Sleddies! To enter your evaluation, visit the locations below and look for the Evaluation Station voting kiosks somewhere near the teleport landing point. The kiosks will look something like this:

external image 2762967448_ee624e5bb0.jpg?v=0

Click the center part of the kiosk to view the evaluation criteria for that category (you can print the page if you like), and then go through the build or project location and make a note of your evaluation and scoring. When you are ready to enter your scores, click the "Vote Here" button on the kiosk and enter your scores as indicated. The aggregate data from the evaluations will be shared with the project creator at the close of the evaluation period.

If you have any suggestions about how to improve the criteria, process, or any other suggestions, please email Thank you for participating!

Dry Run Sleddies Submissions - Go Vote!

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Fleep Tuque
Orange - Mixed Reality Learning
Fleep's Test Submission
This is just a test to demonstrate the process.